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There are so many great opportunities to learn on a trip like this from the people involved. The highlight for me was having the chance to meet legitimate people. – about Dolphin Talent’s LA Experience

As actors, one of the best but hardest things to learn how to do is have restraint.

They set me up with a wonderful dialect coach named Jerome Butler. Because I come from such a melting pot, things will bleed in. I’ll be trying to do a Nicaraguan accent, and then a Cuban accent will come out. So he was really helpful in helping me figure out where to place the sound! – On mastering all those accents after growing up in Miami

I majored in international relations in college, and I actually traveled to Nicaragua. This was years ago, and I met with women that would have been Lucia’s age in 1982. They definitely took up arms and fought for their villages. But also, I grew up in Miami, which has a lot of people who fled Cuba after Castro took power. So for me to play a Communist is really interesting, because I grew up hearing these terrible stories. But in speaking to these women in Nicaragua, it’s almost like there was a face to the cause. It humanized it for me.

I enjoy her vitality, her ambitiousness, her fierce loyalty and just her overall spirit. I think that she’s a wonderful role model for me and definitely someone that I aspire to be like in many ways. She’s got the whole package! – On playing Sophia

Every actor would like to say “No, she’s a totally different person!” but I think there are definitely some similarities. I find myself to be ambitious career wise like Sofia but I’m certainly not the go-to advice giver in my group of friends. In that way, I think we are dissimilar. Also, I think that she’s a lot braver than I am. – On Sophia

Kym Whitley, hands down! She’s a stand-up comic and she has a reality TV show, so she’s probably the busiest person that I know. She’s just always ready with a joke and always ready with a funny story. She has a young son who is hysterical. She has a very rich life, and she’s very warm and generous with us. I definitely think that she’s the most hysterical one out of everybody. – On who is funniest on Y&H set

Well, there are a thousand experiences that I will forever hold in my memory but for whatever reason, they’re escaping me right now. But I do really enjoy the food that I get to eat, and for whatever reason this season, Sofia gets to eat less. Last season, I was eating delicious cakes and all kinds of things, and recently, she’s got nothing! I’m hoping that in the third season, we will return to the Sofia from before. I would say that my favorite moments on set are right before the show starts; we huddle up in the back and say a few quick words with each other and get ready for the show. I think that there’s nothing like the possibility in the air and the teamwork that’s required to do our job. – Memorable experience on Y&H set

I would love one of the two following people. I would love Fran Drescher to be on the show, from “The Nanny” and many other things. I think that she’s sitcom royalty and nobody is better or funnier than her. I would love to play in a scene with her, anytime, even if nobody sees it, even if it’s just in my living room! I would just watch it on repeat! I think she’s so amazing. I would love her to be on the show and I would love Lucy Lawless, who was on “Xena: Warrior Princess” because she is a childhood favorite of mine and I think that she’d do really great at comedy.

Well, I think that Elena is a 2015 product—I mean, the story isn’t set in 2015; it’s set in a mystical time—but it’s definitely the product of the work that we’ve done as women and how far we’ve come in our relations with each other, our gender fixations and gender roles. So, there’s no Prince Charming, which is great; she’s her own hero. She’s also different because she’s 16 but she was stuck in an amulet for 40 years so she does have that sort of wisdom of someone who’s lived a little bit longer. So I think there’s a little bit of wisdom in her that some of the other princesses lacked. On princess Elena

I have a lot of hobbies. Right now, I’m sort of into calligraphy and lettering, and there was a time when I was really obsessed with guitar. Other than that, the one thing that is totally unchanging is my devotion and love for my dog, Moose, who is a golden retriever mix and takes up a lot of my time. We’re doing our best to train him. You know, this isn’t my first dog but it is my first dog that’s been mine as an adult. And, my heart has grown like four sizes for animal rights, so that’s definitely something that I’m passionate about. I’m not in league with any animal rights charities or anything like that but it’s definitely something that is close to my heart.

Honestly, the only person that’s ever cooked for me is Emily [Osment], so she wins by default [laughs]. She has a beautiful kitchen and is far more confident in it that I am in mine. Emily’s personality is really chill and relaxed, and that definitely translates into her cooking abilities. She just whips something up on a random Tuesday night. So I would say Emily wins by default. On who the best chef is on Y&H

I don’t [cook]. Really, I’m trying. I bought a cookbook last night because I went to a dinner party and one of my friends made the most delicious meal. So I ran out and got a cookbook because I would like to be better and it’s also probably healthier than eating out or just stealing craft services, which is what I do. I take it home and eat it for dinner [laughs].

My favorite food I would have to say is spaghetti carbonara, just Italian with heavy cream and lots of meats. If I’m trying to be health conscious, I would say sushi, but really good sushi. Luckily in Los Angeles, we have access to wonderful sushi restaurants so that would be my healthy option.

I love the panda costume that we got to wear in the first episode that Gabi meets Cooper in a bar and she’s a go-go dancer. That was definitely a highlight. This season we’ve tried to streamline the costumes a little bit. I’ve gotten to wear some cool pencil skirts. I think they’re trying to age us up a little bit too so we’ve gotten to wear some really great beautiful designers.

When I have time to unwind, I am pretty crafty. My dad is an engineer, so even from a young age I was building stuff. I like to build things with my hands. My latest project was a built-in shelf in my kitchen. I live in a cool building in a historic part of Los Angeles. There’s this beautiful history but you also get space that you need. So I spent a while doing that. I love to travel and I’ve been getting to do a little bit more of that this year. When I do have some time off, I just compress by doing things with my hands. I also enjoy sewing.

I’d love to be on Pretty Little Liars because my friend Vanessa Ray plays Cece and I would love to work with her. I would also love to work with those girls because they’re just wonderful actresses. They also do a lot of themed episodes, which seems like a lot of fun. Keegan Allen is guest starring on Young and Hungry and he’s just so fun. So I would say Pretty Little Liars.

I’ve had so many inspirations, it’s hard to pick just one. If I had to pick one that encompasses what my goals are as an actress, it would be Emma Thompson because she moves so seamlessly between drama and comedy. I’ve seen her perform on stage but I’ve seen her in film and I’ve also seen her on television. She’s so fluid between genres and is the definition, at least to me, of a true actress. She’s not afraid of looking less than attractive if that’s what the role calls for, she’s incredibly creative and seems to be having the time of her life any time you have the privilege of seeing her. I would say that’s one of my many inspirations.

We don’t have any actors in my family. There’s a few musicians and a ballroom dancer, which is really fun. But I didn’t really grow up in an acting family, but I did grow up around a lot of creativity.

My mother is a Spanish teacher and a very creative writer. She loves to draw and paint. My dad is great at everything because he’s a true Renaissance man. I grew up around a lot of personality and kookiness so I knew that I had an extroverted personality from day one. It was just finding an outlet for that.

When I was younger I always wondered what it was like to be somebody else, wondered what it was like to be my grandmother or my 4th grade teacher or the guy on the motorcycle driving down Miami Beach. I’ve just always been interested in the lives of other people and I think this is the perfect job for somebody who enjoys storytelling like I do.

Every day is so fun. You get to go to a job where you’re paid to make people laugh. It’s always a very light environment. I would say my favorite days are probably the days that are early on in the week when we don’t have the pressure of an audience or too much crew and we’re just working on rehearsals, working out the jokes, and playing with each other. I think that rehearsal process for me is just sacred because it’s the most creative part of the job where you get to work with other actors and it’s such a privilege to do that.

We’re always singing on set and Emily and Jonathan are always playing pranks on each other. Jonathan is doing magic tricks somewhere or Kym is telling a joke or doing some stand-up on the other side of the stage. So it’s always just really busy and wonderful. I really cherish the moment when we’re all together around the table talking about the night before or just talking about a line and how to make it work. That’s what’s the most fun for me.