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Young and Hungry Episode Guide

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Young and Hungry

» Season 1 Episode 1: “Pilot”
» Screencaps (06/25/14)
Gabi Diamond, a young food blogger, applies for a job as a personal chef for Josh Kaminski, a successful tech entrepreneur. Josh plans on proposing to his girlfriend, Caroline (Mallory Jansen), until she breaks things off before his proposal is due. Gabi comforts her boss only to end up in bed with him, ruining her chances of being secured the job. Yolanda and Elliot confront her the next morning, and she is hired for the position.


» Season 1 Episode 2: “Young & Ringless”
» Screencaps (07/02/14)
Gabi celebrates her first day on the job as a Josh’s personal chef by preparing a meal for Chinese investors. The stress becomes too much and Gabi questions herself if she is capable of continuing working for Josh. Caroline’s engagement ring goes missing, and Gabi is accused of the crime.


» Season 1 Episode 3: “Young & Lesbian”
» Screencaps (07/09/14)
Elliot is desperate to help Josh make the top list of Logan Rawlings’ (Ashley Tisdale) list in her magazine. When they invite her for dinner, Logan is more interested in Gabi, forcing Elliot to set up a date for the two in hopes of securing Josh at the top spot on the magazine’s “30 Under 30” list.


» Season 1 Episode 4: “Young & Pregnant”
» Screencaps | Stills (07/16/14)
Gabi discovers she may be pregnant with Josh’s baby after their one-night stand. Yolanda discovers the pregnancy test and instantly assumes Caroline is pregnant. She tells Elliot and they both race to tell Josh the news first.


» Season 1 Episode 5: “Young & Younger”
» Screencaps (07/23/14)
Hoping Gabi will forget about Josh, Sofia encourages her to date again. She meets Cam (Nick Roux), and they soon begin dating. Jealous, Josh immediately takes a disliking to the guy. Josh discovers astonishing news about him and tells Gabi. She initially doesn’t believe but decides to confront Cam anyways, only to discover even more worrisome news.


» Season 1 Episode 6: “Young & Punchy”
» Screencaps | Stills (07/30/14)
Josh hires Cooper (Jesse McCartney), a computer hacker to work for him. But when Cooper puts his romantic moves on Gabi, Josh’s jealous feelings start to show and he tells Gabi that she can’t date Cooper. However, they decide to date in secret anyway. Josh has a new bathtub put in for Caroline, with her to be the first one to use it. However, Elliot and Yolanda schemes to use it for themselves.


» Season 1 Episode 7: “Young & Secret”
» Screencaps (08/06/14)
Gabi convinces Cooper to pretend date Sofia, in hopes of keeping their relationship a secret. Things take a weird turn when Sofia actually befriends Caroline and they attempt to attend a Lorde concert together. Gabi is left jealous. Meanwhile, Elliot and Yolanda try out a diet together.


» Season 1 Episode 8: “Young & Car-less”
» Screencaps | Stills (08/13/14)
Gabi’s car breaks down, and Josh replaces it with a new one. Gabi is angered by this, revealing that it was the last thing she has memory of her mother. Josh is determined to make things right and take back the car. Meanwhile, Yolanda and Elliot are upset that their boss treats them differently compared to Gabi.


» Season 1 Episode 9: “Young & Getting Played”
» Screencaps | Stills (08/20/14)
Yolanda’s son Derek (Maestro Harrell) returns to see his mother, Yolanda, after breaking up with his girlfriend, Cheryl (Sasha Compère). Gabi discovers they broke up because of his mother’s disapproval. Gabi comes up with a plan, after Yolanda declares Gabi too much of a mess for her son, and wants to te set up with Sofia. Meanwhile, Caroline temporarily moves in with Josh, but it leads to Josh visioning of what their lives will be after they marry.


» Season 1 Episode 10: “Young & Thirty (…and getting married!)”
» Screencaps | Stills (08/27/14)
Josh and Caroline’s wedding is pushed further ahead than planned. Despite this, Gabi is excited to present him with his birthday gift. Caroline clearly forgets about her fiancé’s birthday, and Gabi sacrifices her gift for Caroline. When Josh reacts to the gift, Gabi contemplates whether she should tell Josh the truth or not.


» Season 2 Episode 1: “Young & Too Late”
» Screencaps | Stills (03/25/15)
After canceling his wedding with Caroline and failing to profess his love to Gabi, Josh has a one-night stand with a blonde. Gabi agrees to go on a three-week trip to China with Cooper, despite still having conflicting feelings for Josh.


» Season 2 Episode 2: “Young & Cookin”
» Screencaps (04/01/15)
Gabi returns from her three-week trip to China, with Josh now having a new girlfriend named Jilly who is also a great cook and is a threat to Gabi’s job. Yolanda goes on a date with the building window washer, who she later finds out that is deaf.


» Season 2 Episode 3: “Young & Munchies”
» Screencaps (04/08/15)
Gabi and Sofia are rather disappointed that their current careers haven’t gotten as far as they hoped. Consequently, Gabi attempts to contact Logan Rawlings to write a food article in her magazine. After getting refused for her food choices, Logan agrees to let her cook with a certain ingredient. Sofia decides to get a higher job and manages to a plan an interview with her boss. Meanwhile, Elliot learns that Yolanda makes more money than him, but he struggles to ask Josh for a raise.


» Season 2 Episode 4: “Young & Old”
» Screencaps (04/15/15)
As Elliot’s 40th birthday approaches, his boyfriend breaks up with him upon finding out Elliot’s real age from Gabi. To make things right, Gabi sets Elliot up with old college classmate. Meanwhile, Yolanda makes a plan to teach her ex-husband Coleman (Cedric Yarbrough), a lesson after he cheated on her with a younger woman. She eventually begins to fall for her ex-husband again.


» Season 2 Episode 5: “Young & First Time”
» Screencaps | Stills (04/22/15)
Gabi and Cooper finally decide to consummate their relationship, until Cooper finds out that Gabi and Josh slept together. Josh is worried about Yolanda’s rekindled relationship with her ex-husband Coleman.


» Season 2 Episode 6: “Young & Moving”
» Screencaps | Stills (04/29/15)
Josh’s new and much older girlfriend Shauna (Kylie Minogue), is hiding a secret from him. Gabi and Sofia have planned a way to get the new larger apartment recently put to rent when the Dmitri (Jim Pirri), their landlord shows feelings for Yolanda.


» Season 2 Episode 7: “Young & Ferris Wheel”
» Screencaps (05/06/15)
Gabi’s late mother’s birthday approaches and after finding out that Shauna hasn’t spoken to her adult daughter Danielle (Abbie Cobb) in years, Gabi goes out of her way to reunite the mother and daughter. However, a secret involving Josh may ruin the reunion. Meanwhile, Elliot asks Yolanda to watch him sleep to see how he behaves in bed.


» Season 2 Episode 8: “Young & Sandwich”
» Screencaps | Stills (05/13/15)
Gabi sets Sofia up with Ruben, a “man in a suit”. Once Sofia leaves with joy, Gabi finds out that Ruben works as a sandwich. Yolanda announces that she is dating a guy named Marco, who used to date Elliot. Meanwhile, Josh admits he still has feelings for Gabi, after being conflicted about Caroline’s engagement announcement.


» Season 2 Episode 9: “Young & Pretty Woman”
» Screencaps (05/20/15)
Gabi contemplates between Josh and Cooper when Josh finally admits to having feelings for Gabi. Cooper, feeling rejected, reveals the truth to Gabi about Josh. Meanwhile, Allan opens a karaoke bar, which Elliot disagrees with, and proposes to his boyfriend, having regret not doing this twenty years ago.


» Season 2 Episode 10: “Young & Part Two”
» Screencaps (05/27/15)
Having to deal with the aftermath of the karaoke party, Gabi auditions for an apprenticeship for chef Charles D’Arby (Hal Ozsan). She fails her audition, but redeems herself by showing the chef her talent. Moreover, Gabi deals with Josh’s revelations and agrees to think about a date with him. Just as she was about to leave for the engagement party of Allan and Elliot, Gabi receives a phone call from the chef. He offers her the apprenticeship in Switzerland for six months. She accepts and leaves that night.


» Season 2 Episode 11: “Young & How Gabi Got Her Job Back”
» Screencaps | Stills (08/19/15)
Gabi returns from her apprenticeship in Switzerland and still has unresolved feelings concerning Josh. While Gabi was gone, Josh hired a new chef named Adriana (B.K. Cannon). Gabi is hired as the new chef for Kal (Satya Bhabha), a tech entrepreneur about to make a huge business deal with Josh.


» Season 2 Episode 12: “Young & Back to Normal”
» Screencaps | Stills (08/26/15)
With pressure from Sofia, Gabi decides to date Tyler (Keegan Allen), a rock drummer, to get over her the awkwardness of working for Josh again. In turn, Gabi sets up Josh with Sarah (Alexis Carra), a woman living in Gabi and Sofia’s building. After agreeing to go on a double date with their new matches, Josh learns that Tyler is actually homeless, and Gabi discovers that Sarah collects human teeth. Elliot has Yolanda be the caller at a bingo game, not telling her that the caller has to be a drag queen.


» Season 2 Episode 13: “Young & Unemployed”
» Screencaps (09/02/15)
After being passed over for a promotion at the law firm where she works, Sofia quits her job. Gabi then tries to convince Josh to hire Sofia for a paid internship. But when Josh decides to go with a different applicant, Gabi lies to Sofia saying she got the job, seeing how devastated she is after Ruben breaks up with her. Gabi tries to keep up the facade so Josh and Sofia will not find out. Elliot’s mother (Jodi Long) visits thinking that Elliot and Josh are a couple.


» Season 2 Episode 14: “Young & Oh Brother”
» Screencaps | Stills (09/09/15)
Sofia’s younger brother Benji stays over at the Gabi and Sofia’s apartment, looking a lot more handsome from the last time Gabi saw him, with Gabi immediately having a crush on him. However, Sofia is completely against the idea of Benji and Gabi dating. Benji is also harboring a big secret, that will affect Gabi’s crush on him. Meanwhile, Josh and Yolanda throw a last minute bachelor party for Elliot.


» Season 2 Episode 15: “Young & Earthquake”
» Screencaps | Stills (09/16/15)
Seeking advice from a psychic named Madame Paulette (Cleo King), Gabi and Sofia get caught up in the crazy premonitions. After an earthquake hits San Francisco, Josh becomes terribly afraid of stepping into an elevator. Alan and Elliot want to have a child.


» Season 2 Episode 16: “Young & How Sofia Got Her Groove Back”
» Screencaps (09/23/15)
Still discouraged about being unemployed, Gabi brings Sofia along for a night of hotel and spa enjoyment. Sofia then has a one-night stand with a stranger, with the guy leaving Sofia an envelope of money thinking that she is a prostitute. Elliot and Yolanda take a spin class to get a picture with Jake Gyllenhaal. Josh dates the instructor of Elliot and Yolanda’s spin class, who he later thinks is only into men with large male endowment, making Josh insecure.


» Season 2 Episode 17: “Young & Trashy”
» Screencaps | Stills (09/23/15)
Gabi gets a last-minute gift for Josh to celebrate his new app launching. At a thrift shop, Gabi and Sofia buy him a black turtleneck, à la Steve Jobs, to give Josh confidence. Only to find out that the turtleneck actually did belong to Steve Jobs and is worth a lot, with Gabi and Sofia doing all they can to get it back. Josh is creeped out by a look-a-like bobblehead that Yolanda gave him.


» Season 2 Episode 18: “Young & Doppelganger”
» Screencaps (09/30/15)
In order to pay for a very expensive blender, Gabi temporarily rents out her and Sofia’s apartment without Sofia’s consent to Gracie (Kimberley Crossman) and Sam (Josie Loren), best friends who are vacationing for the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. This disagreement between Gabi and Sofia causes a rift in their friendship. Meanwhile, Josh is out of town to give an ED Talk (a parody of TED Talk). Everything goes well for Josh until a fellow speaker steals his corny joke, leading to embarrassing results. Elliot and Yolanda get worn out from celebrating Gay Pride.


» Season 2 Episode 19: “Young & Younger Brother, Part 1”
» Screencaps (10/14/15)
Josh’s younger brother Jake (Jayson Blair), who has had trouble keeping a career goal in the past, decides he wants be a chef. Josh asks that Gabi let Jake learn from her, despite the fact that Gabi is tasked with the responsibility of making the appetizers for Alan and Elliot’s wedding. Gabi and Jake soon fall for each other, with Josh once again questioning his romantic feelings for Gabi. Elliot becomes annoyed at Alan deciding every aspect of the wedding. Yolanda loses Elliot’s wedding ring. Jake forgoes Josh’s insistence on going to a prestigious culinary arts school and spends the money instead on a food truck for himself and Gabi, much to Josh’s chagrin.


» Season 2 Episode 20: “Young & Younger Brother, Part 2”
» Screencaps | Stills (10/14/15)
Gabi is excited when Jake buys her a food truck, then learns the problems that come with running such a business; a rabbi is reluctant to give Elliot and Alan his blessing; Sofia and Yolanda find romance at the wedding reception.


» Season 2 Episode 21: “Young & Christmas”
» Screencaps | Stills (10/24/15)
Gabi wants Yolanda to make up with her sister, Jolanda (Jackée Harry), this Christmas, but later is tricked by her sister into believing she is homeless and causing Yolanda to be conned by her sister and her boyfriend Gary (Phil LaMarr). Sofia feels guilty about not speaking up about getting an undeserved discount on expensive bag from Matilda (Mindy Sterling), an incompetent cashier. Elliot feels lonely on Christmas, with Alan out spending time with his family on a Jewish cruise.


» Season 3 Episode 1: “Young & The Next Day”
» Screencaps | Stills (02/03/16)
While traveling to Coachella, both Josh and Gabi fantasize about each other. When the truck is required repairs, Gabi calls Sofia and confesses about her feelings for Josh. Josh, overhearing the conversation, follows Gabi to Yermo with Sofia. Nearly missing her, they follow her to Coachella and Josh admits his feelings for her. Gabi responds by kissing him, reuniting the couple. Meanwhile, Yolanda deals with Elliot and Alan when they return from their honeymoon.


» Season 3 Episode 2: “Young & Coachella”
» Screencaps | Stills (02/10/16)
While still at Coachella, Gabi and Josh plan on consummating their relationship as a couple. All the while Jake says that he is perfectly fine with Gabi and Josh being a couple now, having most recently dated Gabi. Jake gives both Gabi and Josh terrible sex advice, purposely trying to sabotage their relationship. Yolanda injures her back, with Alan wanting to tend to her every need, while Elliot is not as sympathetic.


» Season 3 Episode 3: “Young & First Date”
» Screencaps (02/17/16)
Having been too tired the next morning to consummate their relationship, Josh and Gabi decide to “create the perfect night” starting with a first official date. Meanwhile, Yolanda, fearing that she is pregnant, accidentally takes a menopause test, which turns out positive to her dismay, but she lies to Elliot saying that she is in fact pregnant. Moreover, Sofia is trying to figure out how to tell Gabi that she hooked up with Jake at Coachella.


» Season 3 Episode 4: “Young & Parents”
» Screencaps | Stills (02/24/16)
Gabi prepares to have the perfect dinner with Josh, until his frequent wine drinking mother Kathy (Cheryl Hines) shows up accusing Gabi of being a gold digger. Gabi’s dad Nick (Jerry O’Connell), then shows up wanting an explanation of Kathy’s rude comments. A romance then blossoms between Kathy and Nick, much to the shock of Gabi and Josh. Meanwhile, Sofia feels that her, Elliot and Yolanda were discriminated against after they are thrown out from a movie theater.


» Season 3 Episode 5: “Young & Therapy”
» Screencaps (03/02/16)
Gabi comes up with a ploy to get Josh to see Dr. Jessica Rounds (Briana Lane), a therapist, so she can overhear the session from the nail salon she frequently goes to, located underneath the therapy office. Elliot get hit on by a handsome masseuse, and almost gives to his advances, until Yolanda guilts him of his actions.


» Season 3 Episode 6: “Young & Rachael Ray”
» Screencaps | Stills (03/09/16)
Gabi takes a two-week leave from working for Josh to start a food truck business with Sofia. With both Gabi and Sofia having recently been dumped, they create a food truck business that caters to other dumped girls. Elliot then books Gabi and Sofia as guests on Rachael Ray’s talk show. As a part of his continued therapy, Josh agrees to make an amends with Ella (Brittany Ishibashi), a potential date he dumped at the last minute before his high school senior prom.


» Season 3 Episode 7: “Young & Rob’d”
» Screencaps (03/16/16)
Gabi falls for Rob (Andy Favreau), a guy that she met taking money from a fundraising jar at the nail salon. Sophia then suspects that he is bad news, and does not agree that Gabi date him, which Gabi forgoes. While still going to therapy, Josh is told to write a journal to express his thoughts. Elliot then becomes desperate wanting to know what Josh wrote about him.


» Season 3 Episode 8: “Young & Clippy / Young & Getting Real”
» Screencaps (03/23/16)
The Young & Hungry cast looks back on notable moments from past episodes.


» Season 3 Episode 9: “Young & Lottery”
» Screencaps (03/30/16)
Gabi continues to date other guys, and her latest date turns out to be a perverted sleaze. Sofia, Elliot and Yolanda put their money together to buy a lottery ticket. Josh has a sexual dream about his therapist, Dr. Rounds. After losing the karaoke bar to high rent costs, Alan designs Josh’s office, despite him having no prior designing experience.


» Season 3 Episode 10: “Young & No More Therapy”
» Screencaps (04/06/16)
Josh is overwhelmed after Dr. Rounds kissed and admits her feelings for him even though he still likes Gabi. After learning he won the Australian award for “Digital Innovation in Next Gen Optimization” he decides to take advantage of the opportunity to clear his mind and go to the award ceremony in Sydney. Elliot and Alan decide to recreate their honeymoon by going to Maui, Hawaii but need a third person – Yolanda – to go with them to split the costs.


» Season 4 Episode 1: “Young & Hawaii”
» Screencaps (06/01/16)
After discovering that Josh’s therapist Jessica had joined him on his trip to Australia, Gabi meets Adam (Tyler Ritter), who was dumped at the altar, and they agree to make their significant others jealous by going on Adam’s honeymoon in Hawaii. Meanwhile, Elliot, Alan and Yolanda go on their “throuple” honeymoon in order to take advantage of a free three-day hotel stay.


» Season 4 Episode 2: “Young & Hurricane”
» Screencaps (06/08/16)
Continuing from the previous episode, Gabi is thrilled when Josh decides that he is ready for a relationship with her, until she and Adam – whose ex-fiancee Amanda (Kelen Coleman) has returned to get him back – have developed feelings for each other and Josh unknowingly books a hotel room next to Adam’s. Meanwhile, Elliot is upset that Yolanda saved him from drowning while Alan didn’t.


» Season 4 Episode 3: “Young & Fried”
» Screencaps | Stills (06/15/16)
A month has past since the events in Hawaii. Gabi has found work at a local diner as a fry cook while Josh has gained weight from eating a lot. Neither one of them has spoken to each other since. Meanwhile, Yolanda’s wants to invite Gabi and Sophia to her 50th birthday party of which Josh is hosting. To prevent each other from discovering their personal downfalls, Gabi claims to be working for famous chef Giada De Laurentiis, and Josh wears a girdle to hide his weight gain.


» Season 4 Episode 4: “Young & Piggy”
» Screencaps | Stills (06/22/16)
Sophia begins working at the diner where Gabi works. Gabi is then promoted to manager by the diner owner Mr. Fancy (Paul Dooley), despite the fact that Sophia is more qualified, causing animosity between the two women. Yolanda helps Eliot prepare for camping with Alan, by camping out on Josh’s terrace.


» Season 4 Episode 5: “Young & Fostered”
» Screencaps | Stills (06/29/16)
Alan and Eliot adopt a child, expecting to be a baby, but turns out to be a wisecracking thirteen-year old girl. From dialing her deceased mother’s cell phone number, Gabi finds her new “soulmate”, a freelance music journalist.


» Season 4 Episode 6: “Young & Assistant”
» Screencaps | Stills (07/06/16)
Gabi, Elliot and Yolanda scheme to get Josh’s new assistant fired after he proves to be too good at his job; Sofia has a change of opinion about her annoying new neighbor.


» Season 4 Episode 7: “Young & Bowling”
» Screencaps | Stills (07/13/16)
Gabi searches for her long-lost aunt; Josh relives a childhood trauma involving bowling; Elliot joins Yolanda’s poker game.


» Season 4 Episode 8: “Young & Sofia”
» Screencaps | Stills (07/20/16)
After securing a job working for media entrepreneur Logan Rawlings, Sofia must land an exclusive interview with a hot new artist in order to prove herself to her intimidating boss.


» Season 4 Episode 9: “Young & Matched”
» Screencaps | Stills (07/27/16)
Josh and Gabi make a bet about who can get the most dates at a speed dating event; the two set rules but don’t trust the other to stick to them; Elliot enlists the help of Yolanda and Sofia for ideas on how to bond with Keisha.


» Season 4 Episode 10: “Young & Screwed”
» Screencaps (08/03/16)
The girls stay at Josh’s place while their building is treated for termites, which creates an uncomfortable situation for Gabi; Alan hopes a weekend getaway will cheer up Elliot.


» Season 5 Episode 1: “Young & Punch Card”
» Screencaps | Stills (03/13/17)
Gabi and Josh agree to a casual sex relationship using punching cards, with ten punchable holes for each of their cards. Sofia then warns Gabi that she will be unable to have a sexual relationship without feelings involved, with Sofia being proven right when both Gabi and Josh think that they are seeing other people. Yolanda uses cheap detergent to wash Josh’s clothes further causing confusion for Gabi and Josh’s relationship. Sofia is desperate to date Kendrick, so she pretends that Gabi’s cooking is her own.


» Season 5 Episode 2: “Young & Valentine’s Day”
» Screencaps | Stills (03/20/17)
After agreeing not to get each other anything for Valentine’s Day, Josh steals a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant for Gabi. The reservation however was set for a doctor proposing to his girlfriend, Gabi then sees the engagement ring and thinks that Josh is proposing to her. This leads to Gabi getting advice from Ms. Wilson (Betty White), her downstairs neighbor who wears her wedding dress every Valentine’s Day to remember her dead husband(s). Meanwhile, Alan gets Elliot a Gabi prepared-Valentine’s Day gift, however, Elliot did not get Alan a gift. Sofia and Yolanda await a stripper for a fun night at Gabi’s place.


» Season 5 Episode 3: “Young & Kiki”
» Screencaps | Stills (03/27/17)
Gabi crashes Josh’s meeting with Natasha Cook-Campbell (Heather Dubrow), a celebrity chef and lifestyle guru, who is also Gabi’s idol. After Gabi helps Josh close a deal with Natasha, Gabi and Josh then lose her dog Kiki, after Natasha leaves to see her injured assistant at the hospital. Meanwhile, after promising to take Sofia and Yolanda to see Beyoncé at a nightclub, Elliot’s connection falls through at the last minute, with him having to fool Sofia and Yolanda, getting them drunk and thinking that they went to the club, when they stayed at Sofia’s place the entire time.


» Season 5 Episode 4: “Young & Josh’s Dad”
» Screencaps | Stills (04/03/17)
When Josh receives an email from his long-lost father Matt Danon (Andy Buckley), requesting that the two meet up, Gabi becomes determined to reunite him with his dad. She cooks up a plan to impersonate a chauffeur and picks up Matt at an airport. Soon Gabi receives a call from Josh saying that he has already found his father and is presently with him. This shocks Gabi, as she now believes that she is driving around a strange psychopath. Later it is revealed Josh only said this so that Gabi will give up her efforts to reunite the two. In a confused jumble, Gabi runs over Matt twice at a gas station, hospitalizing him. Josh later meets with Matt at the hospital, apologizing for Gabi’s shenanigans. His father explains to him that he could just never find the right words to write back to him all those past years. Meanwhile, Yolanda is concerned about her health, but much to Elliot’s chagrin, Yolanda’s doctor is much more concerned about his physical health than Yolanda’s.


» Season 4 Episode 5: “Young & Softball”
» Screencaps (04/10/17)
Josh and his father have difficulty finding common ground until a misunderstanding brings them together; Yolanda and Sofia attempt to win a cruise by selling cookies.


» Season 5 Episode 6: “Young & Couchy”
» Screencaps | Stills (04/24/17)
Gabi creates a problem when she sells the ugly, used couch Sofia received from her boss; Yolanda reconnects with the rabbi from Elliot and Alan’s wedding, and begins dating him behind his mother’s back.


» Season 5 Episode 7: “Young & Bridesmaids”
» Screencaps | Stills (05/01/17)
Gabi and Sofia scheme to become bridesmaids when they learn their high-school frenemy is throwing a lavish destination wedding with all expenses paid; Elliot pretends a multimillionaire has offered him a job.


» Season 5 Episode 8: “Young & Vegas Baby”
» Screencaps | Stills (05/08/17)
Gabi and Sophia take a road trip to Las Vegas with Ms. Wilson in the hopes of reuniting her with a lost love; Josh tries to learn why Gabi is so depressed about her birthday; Yolanda and Elliot plot to keep Gabi’s forgotten birthday presents.


» Season 5 Episode 9: “Young & Hold”
» Screencaps | Stills (05/15/17)
Gabi and Josh’s friends-with-benefits relationship is put to the test when one of them meets someone else; Elliot battles with a squirrel he discovers in Josh’s penthouse; Sofia uses Gabi and Josh’s relationship drama as fodder for her article.


» Season 5 Episode 10: “Young & Together”
» Screencaps | Stills (05/22/17)
Josh doesn’t remember Gabi after getting a bump on the head, but he seems to remember everyone else, so Gabi sets out to recreate their first meeting in hopes of jogging his memory.